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Greater Magic (Jones)

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Greater Magic
Land USA
Herausgeber Carl Waring Jones
Erscheinungsjahr 1938
Aufmachung gebunden
Sprache(n) Englisch
Seitenzahl 1007
Format 16 x 23,5 cm
Themen Allgemein
Abbildungen 1150 Illustrationen
John Northern Hilliard

Greater Magic ist der Titel eines der bedeutendsten Zauberbücher des 20. Jahrhunderts. Es wurde ursprünglich 1938 herausgegeben und erlebte seit dem mehrere Auflagen.


Kein Zauberbuch der damaligen Zeit brachte solch eine Fülle von Zauberkunststückbeschreibungen.[1] Es werden über 700 Effektbeschreibungen von mehr als 100 Zauberkünstlern veröffentlicht. Sie gehörten mit zu den bekanntesten Zauberern der damaligen Zeit: Max Holden, Percy Abbott, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Theo Annemann, Horace Goldin, Al Baker, Ade Duval, Karl Germain, David und Theo Bamberg, Dr. James Elliott, Joe Berg, Jardine Ellis, Sam Berland, T. Nelson Downs, Harry Blackstone (Sr.), David Devant, Floyd Thayer, Carl Brema, Cardini, Buatier DeKolta, Milbourne Christopher, Chung Ling Soo, S.H. Sharpe, Dr. Jack Daley, Paul Curry, Stanley Collins, Harlan Tarbell, S. Leo Horowitz, Harry Houdini, Selbit, Edwin Sachs, Jean Hugard, John Scarne, Burling Hull, Stewart James, Paul Rosini, Joseffy, Stewart Judah, John Ramsay, Billy O'Connor, Harry Kellar, Lester Lake, Mora, Jack Merlin, William W. Larsen (Sr.), Paul LePaul, John Nevil Maskelyne, Max Malini, Nate Leizig, Eugene Laurant, Sid Lorraine, Audley Walsh, Robert Stull, Howard Thurston, William H. McCaffery und Dai Vernon.

Die über 1000 Illustrationen in dem Buch fertigte Harlan Tarbell an.

Die Kapitel

Kapitel I

Die Meister der Spielkarten

Ein kurzer, aber essentieller Aufsatz über die Geschichte der Spielkarte und deren ersten Spielkartenhersteller.

Kapitel II

Kartenfächer und Fächermöglichkeiten

Eine 22 Seiten lange Abhandlung über jede Phase zum Thema Kartenfächer mit Anleitungen zur Vorbereitung, zur Technik mit Anregungen zu wunderschönen Effekten. Es werdem Methoden von Jack Lathrop, AI Baker, Cardini und LePaul beschrieben. 18 spezielle Illustrationen tragen zum Verstehen der Ausführungen bei.

Kapitel III

Das Lokalisieren von Spielkarten

Die neuesten Griffe zum Stehlen einer Karte aus dem Spiel nach Methoden von Vernon, Leipzig und AI Baker werden beschrieben, inklusive einer bislang geheim gehaltenen Methode von Le Paul. Insgesamt werden 10 verschiedene Methoden beschrieben, die mit insgesamt 16 Illustrationen erklärt werden.

Kapitel IV

Das Lokalisiern von speziell gekennzeichneten Spielkarten

Hier werden die beliebtesten Methoden mit leicht „verletzten“ Spielkarten beschrieben (crimped cards). Geheimgehaltene Methoden von Dr. Elliott, Yank Hoe, Dai Vernon, Jack Merlin und John Scarne werden ausführlich auf 16 Seiten beschrieben.

Chapter V

Locations By Marked Cards (2)

Four complete Systems of location are explained. A complete exposition of the "daub", and its uses are contained in this chapter together with AI Baker's subtle masterpiece, "A Problem in Plumbago", and Paul Rosini's "A Problem in the Fourth Dimension" and other miracles performed by Scarne, Horowitz, and other contemporary card experts.

Chapter VI

Locations By "Key" or Locator Cards

Several different novel methods of card control, using special cards, together with effects dependent upon their use. All of the best methods evolved since the publication of Hilliard's "Art of Magic" are included.

Chapter VII

Locations By Means of Subtleties and Ingenious Arrangements

A twenty page treatise, dealing exhaustively with the technique of card lo-cating by means of (1) the divided pack, (2) the bottom card principle, (3) the top card principle, (4) the top and bottom principle, and (5) a new and novel pack detection. This chapter is crammed with meat, and the choice secrets contained will allow the reader to Substitute subtlety for sleight of hand in presenting some miracles.

Chapter VIII


The "slick ace", with all of its uses, technique and variations, is discussed in this 12 page chapter. R. W. Hüll, Dai Vernon, and Frank Lane, three masters in the use of this principle, have explained their pet secrets.

Chapter IX

Old Wine in New Bottles

A forty-four page chapter devoted to the old classics of impromptu magic as they have been brought up-to-date and revitalized in the hands of such masters of the art as Horowitz, Mahendra, AI Baker, and R. W. Hüll. The reader will never recognize the "Incomprehensible Divination", the "Ten Card Trick", and the "Mutus, Nomen, Dedit, "Cogit" when he sees them in the new dresses pro-vided for them by Mr. Baker and Mr. Horowitz.

Chapter X

Shuttle, Force, Cut and Pass

A complete chapter of all that is new and best in the field of sleights. Fifty-nine pages and 138 illustrations leave nothing to be desired. All of the best modern false shuffles, false cuts, passes, Substitutes for the pass, methods of forcing, palming, switching, second dealing, bottom dealing, color changing and stealing are thoroughly explained in detail, exactly as performed by the re-nowned card experts, Vernon, Tenkai, Judah, Scarne, Hugard, and Horowitz. It would take one a lifetime to acquire the advanced knowledge contained in this section if he were to seek it out for himself.

Chapter XI

Impromptu Card Tricks

A 20 page chapter of the charming impromptu card tricks invented by Max Holden, Henry Gordien, William McCaffrey, and J. N. Hilliard. New methods of revealing selected cards are given. The score of effects in this section require little or no sleight of hand.

Chapter XII

Sleight of Hand Card Tricks

A 65 page section, containing 39 complete card mysteries, exactly as invented and performed by Rosini, Al Saal, McCaffrey, Al Baker, Annemann, Hamblen, Kaplan, Mulholland, and other famous "close-up" entertainers and impromptu magicians. A complete system of Poker deals, and Poker tricks is given in this section. 36 illustrations.

Chapter XIII

The Spelling Bee

A 16 page chapter, giving every method and routine in populär use of pre-senting the favorite of all impromptu entertainers, "the spelling bee". The methods used by Downs, Annemann, Slayton, Jordan, and Hugard are included.

Chapter XIV

Clairvoyance With Cards

22 pages devoted to every form of pseudo-clairvoyance with cards, including a dissertation on every practicable "mental force" in use at the moment by the leading card experts. The little known effects of mental card work are included from Robert-Houdin to Dai Vernon.

Chapter XV

The Four Aces

Seven new effects with four aces, the choice favorites of Annemann, Vernon, Jess Kelly, McCaffrey, Stewart James, Horowitz, and U. F. Grant. A distinctive contribution to the literature on this classic.

Chapter XVI

The Rising Cards

A 59 page chapter, containing 48 different methods of performing this classic under all possible conditions. Every known mechanical and sleight of hand method in use today is explained, together with complete routines. There are methods to suit every performer's need, whether he works surrounded by a few people, or in the largest theaters.

Chapter XVII

Prepared Cards

An 85 page chapter, covering virtually every worthwhile effect with prepared cards. There are seven startling new mysteries with the "Svengali" deck, two with the "Mene Tekel" deck, four with the "double faced" principle, including choice effects of David Devant, Grant, Horowitz, and Curry. Various "stripper" decks and effects with them are given. The short card is given with all of its uses and effects by Cardini, Billy O'Connor and others, including "In The Bag" by H. Adrian Smith. Nine effects using cards in conjunction with apparatus are explained. 57 complete effects are presented in this section, with 82 illustrations.

Chapter XVIII

The Tuned Deck

R. W. Hüll explains for the first time the complete and correct way of pre-senting his masterpiece. For many years, he closely guarded its secret, and took pleasure in mystifying every magician who ever went to Crooksville. He has explained it to the minutest detail, and for good measure, has thrown in the routines of some of his other pet mysteries.

Chapter XIX

Card Stars of The U. S. A.

This section is devoted to the pet effects, and hitherto carefully protected secrets of ten of America's great sleight of hand performers: Annemann, AI Baker, Cardini, Horowitz, Stewart Judah, Nate Leipsig, Wm. McCaffrey, Paul Rosini, John Scarne, and Dai Vernon.

Chapter XX

The Magic of Silk

40 pages devoted to sleights and effects with silks. 105 illustrations take the reader through every phase of sleight of hand with handkerchiefs. Mysteries by Charles Waller, AI Baker, Tenkai, Hahne and other well-known performers are carefully described. Ade Duval's great classic, the silk dying and blowing effect, is correctly explained for the first time.

Chapter XXI

Magic With Balis

44 pages of sleight of hand, covering every phase of ball manipulation, from billiard ball sleights, through sponge ball and golf ball manipulation, to the cups and balls. Many new devices and gimmicks for use with billiard balls are shown. L. L. Ireland's complete golf ball routine, with all of its variations and improve-ments, is given. 120 illustrations make every move clear.

Chapter XXII

Coin Magic

55 pages, and 119 illustrations cover many of the newest sleights, effects and gimmicks used in coin magic. Clever sleights invented by Downs, Hilliard, Blackstone, Dai Vernon and other manipulators are carefully explained. Many of the splendid routines with several coins which have been known to but few are now revealed so clearly that any experienced sleight of hand performer can present them almost immediately. The chapter runs the gamut from non-manipulative feats with coins to the most spectacular and difncult of coin miracles.

Chapter XXIII

Ggarettes and Cigars

This 45 page chapter covers manipulation with both lighted and unlighted cigarettes, the various gimmicks used in manipulation, and such novelties as the growing cigarette, rising cigarettes, AI Baker's impromptu masterpiece, "The Reborn cigarette", two of Berland's famous cigarette tricks, and several effects with cigars. 89 illustrations leave no detail lacking.

Chapter XXIV

Magic of Bills

This chapter contains ten different effects dealing with currency. Torn and restored bills, methods of switching bills, Wm. McCaffrey's classic, "The Cut and Restored Bill", "The Climbing Bill", the perfect bill and lemon trick, McCaffrey's "Five Dollar Bill Trick", and the Brema bill masterpiece are all included. This section covers a little known, but very effective branch of sleight of hand.

Chapter XXV

Magic of Ropes

Containing the correct description of the best rope tricks in existence. The Tarbell and Grant cut and restored rope routines are explained down to the minutest detail, with all the necessary variations to perform the feat under all conditions. Milbourne Christopher, Harry Bjorklund, and Herman Hanson have given their famous routines to the reader. 54 illustrations are used.

Chapter XXVI

The Chinese Rings

21 pages are employed in giving the reader one of the most complete exposi-tions ever written on this classic. Two complete routines and many of the new moves and artifices used in conjunetion with the trick are explained. Jean Hugard's famous routine is explained for the first time in print, with moves invented by Fitzkee, Waller, Laurant, and other famous ring manipulators.

Chapter XXVII

Selected Tricks

55 pages of assorted effects, with and without apparatus. Several match tricks, slate mysteries, ring effects, and hanky-panky with similar common articles are given. Pet tricks and routines by Stewart Judah, AI Baker, Edward Massey, Percy Abbott, Ellie Stanyon, and other famous magicians are found here. The complete and correct routine for the "Sands of the Desert" as performed by Laurant, the Gordien Salt Trick, and the Don White routine with the Chinese Vase are all contained here. Eugene Bernstein's "Spirit Grip" is given for the first time in print. The 45 complete effects together with a section on trade se-crets, entitled "Tricks of the Trade" are illustrated with 103 figures.

Chapter XXVIII

Mind Reading

This chapter contains effects covering the whole field of mental magic. One finds here methods of pellet reading, book and dictionary tests, sealed letter reading methods, mind reading feats and divination effects. The choice secrets of Annemann, John Mulholland, Sid Lorraine, Wm. McCaffrey and Hilliard are explained here, many for the first time. The chapter ends with a comprehensive treatise on memorizing playing cards and objects, as performed by H. Adrian Smith.

Chapter XXIX

Magic Squares

Every method that any performer will ever need on this fascinating branch of mental magic is carefiilly explained by Royal V. Heath, renowned "mathe-magician".

Chapter XXX

Old and New Apparatus

This eight page section is of particular interest to the antiquarian of the magic art. The 24 illustrations show the apparatus of other days together with some of the excellent equipment built by the highly skilled magical technician and artisan of today. Many of the most cherished pieces of paraphernalia col-lected by Charles H. Larsen are discussed here.

Chapter XXXI

Stage Presentation

This section of 15 pages is devoted to showmanship and artistry from the magician's viewpoint. It covers the often neglected subjects of stage entrance, patter, settings, balance, and all of the other details with which the performer must be acquainted to become a finished showman. The essay was prepared by David Bamberg, one of the world's greatest illusionists.

Chapter XXXII

Stage Tricks and Illusions

Many of the best modern stage illusions, large and small, are described together with complete routines. Jack Gwynne, Nixon, Walsh, Silent Mora, U. F. Grant, Frederick Culpitt, Devant, Abbott and other famous magicians have contributed their feats to this section. The illusions run the gamut from the vanishing rabbit to the production of human beings.


  • 1938, erste Auflage mit insgesamt neun Nachdrucken, jeweils 1000 Exemplare
  • 1942, vierte, erweiterte Auflage. Das 30. Kapitel (Old and New Apparatus) wurde durch einen Geschichtsteil über Bücher, Periodika und bekannte Sammler und Bibliotheken ersetzt.


  1. Vergleiche die Bibliotheksangaben des Magic Arts Research Centre, New York, USA